Saturday, February 15, 2014

New Daily Oil Painting "Twilight"

Mark Nesmith
Oil on Oil Primed Linen Panel
7" x 5"

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On the back side of the apartments I live in there's a large field where I often walk the dogs. The right of the field is bordered by pine woods, and the back runs alongside a small drainage canal with another expanse of trees along the other bank. There's a small dirt access road that cuts through the field bordered by grasses. All this makes for an interesting combination of geography, especially in the morning and evening hours when the low angle of the sun interacts with trees and canal.

This lonely tree stands near the canal where the mowed stretch of right away, the ditch, and a few plowed or planted areas intersect and create some unusual zigzag diagonals. These built in landmarks create a sense of instant depth that's fun to play against with the background.

I've always loved trees in winter. Their leafless limbs take on the appearance of a skinny old man and the intricate web of small branches and negative space creates a beautiful, flickering rhythm.

Here the sun has slipped below the horizon off to me right leaving a soft afterglow to permeate the sky and grasses. It can be hard not to overdue the subtle color shifts at twilight, but I find it's a sublime and magical time of day to paint.

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