Monday, February 17, 2014

New Daily Oil Painting "Sunset at Cypress Lake"

Sunset at Cypress Lake
Mark Nesmith
Oil on oil primed linen panel
5" x 7"

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I've been doing a few painting of Cypress Lake, the horse shoe shaped pond at my Apartments (still have no clue where they got the name from...)  Here's a quick study of the pine tree lined shore and reflection at sunset. The sun has dipped below the horizon and the trees are little more than silhouettes.

I played quite a bit with this one.  It's thicker than most of my small paintings. I kind of like the impasto in the reflections and the texture of the tree tops.

I'm planning to do quite a few small paintings of Cypress Lake to help me plan out a series of larger paintings.  I think sometimes it takes a while to really get a feel for a new place.

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