Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New 10" x 8" Daily Painting "Fort Travis" by Mark Nesmith

Fort Travis
Mark Nesmith
Oil on Canvas
10" x 8"

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I've been painting a lot of Bolivar lately, especially the light house and bolivar flats. I realized a few weeks ago on my way back from Galveston with my son that I've never painted Fort Travis so I spent a few hours today on this little 10" x 8" oil painting of some of the rustic doors at the fort.

Old Fort Travis sits at the western end of the Bolivar Peninsula just before the ferry landing to Galveston. The current fort was constructed in 1898. In 1961 several area residents took shelter at the fort to ride out Hurricane Carla.Currently the fort is a park operated through the Galveston County Beach and Parks Department. Several of the concrete bunkers still remain, and it's a great place to watch the ships or to fish.

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