Saturday, November 16, 2013

Monsieur Gator -- New Daily Painting with Step by Step Photo Montage

"Monsieur Gator"
Mark Nesmith
Oil on Canvas mounted on Board
5" x 7"
 I posted the pencil drawing for this yesterday.  I started painting a little on it during my lunch period, and managed to get in ten minutes here and there throughout the afternoon.  Altogether I worked for about two hours on this little gator.  He turned out to be quite a colorful critter!  Maybe he has a little Mardi Gras in him. One of my friends dubbed him "Monsieur Gator" and that seems like a perfect title to me.

While I painted I took several pictures on my phone of my progress.  Here's a little montage of the different stages of "Monsieur Gator."  I started with a fairly detailed drawing, then worked from the darks to the lights.  Hope you enjoy my little excursion to the swamp.

Step by Step Painting Stages of "Monsier Gator"

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