Saturday, January 29, 2011

Of Canyons and Canvas

Caprock, originally uploaded by Mark Nesmith.

I've been water logged this week and have fallen seriously behind in uploading my paintings. I'll be working this week to try to catch up. Meanwhile, I took a little break from my series about Lake Mineral Wells and did a few paintings of West Texas. This is one of my daily paintings of Caprock Canyon, the lesser known of Texas' canyon country (most people seem to be more familiar with the nearby Palo Duro Canyon.) I actually think that in many ways Caprock has more spectacular views that are a little easier to reach. This is an 8" x 10" oil on canvas. Usually I've used pastels for my paintings of mountains and canyons because I feel the inherent texture and dryness of pastels naturally suits the subject, but I'm experimenting with a few in oils. I'm trying to let each brush stroke serve as a piece of rock or a crevice and keep the details simple. When you view mountainous regions like this its amazing how different the coloration of the rocks can be at different times of day. The cliffs at Caprock can range from deep reds to vivid oranges to yellows, all in the same day. I could sit and watch the sun rise and set on the bluffs and be perfectly content.

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