Saturday, October 10, 2015

New 12" x 12" oil painting "Puesta del Sol" (another Bolivar sunset)

Puesta del Sol
by Mark Nesmith
Oil on Canvas
12" x 12"

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I love to walk along the edge where the ocean meets the beach at sunset. The world seems to disappear in a swirl of color and there's the sense that it's only a thin veil that separates things in this world. You can see the sunset from the exact same spot every day and every day it's brand new.

As I worked on this nearly abstract view of Bolivar along the Gulf Coast I had images of the great J.M.W. Turner filling my head. His work often features vast skies full of twisting colors that seem to have a life of their own. Like much of Turner's most famous works, this little painting of the Texas shore has just the barest hint of solid form to anchor the scene and keep it from dissolving into pure abstraction. Full of thick, juicy impastos of paint and lush color, this painting is meant to be a celebration of the beauty of our world.

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