Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm giving away a painting!

First off, a very heartfelt thanks to all of you who havebeen so supportive of my artwork.  Manyof you have become followers and “liked” my Fan Page (,and so many of you have always been gracious with your comments andappreciation of my paintings.  It’s beenabout a year since I was really promoting my work online, and those of you who know mepersonally know what I’ve been dealing with during that time, but I’ve decided it’sabout time I get back to the serious business of making a career out of thisart stuff ;-)  In the interest of givingmy online presence a shot of adrenaline I’m resorting to the oldest andgreatest marketing strategy in the book…bribery LOL! 

As a thank you to thosewho support and appreciate my artwork, I’ve decided to give away apainting.  I’ll be entering everyone’sname that subscribes to follow my blog Paint Daily Texas ( or click like and follow my fan page ( in a drawing for one of my oil paintings.  If you do both I’ll enter your name twice. Thiswill be an old school style drawing, just names in a hat.    Theprize will be your choice of the 8”x 10” oil paintings pictured here.  I’ll ship the painting in the continental USA for free,or can arrange local pickup if you’re in the area.  (If you’re outside of the country we can worksomething out.)   I’ll pick a winner March 8, 2013 (beginning of mySpring Break) and post the result on my blog. This is in no way affiliated with Facebook or anybody else, just a “thankyou” from me to you.  Please share thiswith anyone and everyone you think would enjoy my art.

"The Rocky Shore"
"The Last Sliver of Light"

"Sunset at Malloy Bridge Road"
"Frosted Fields"

"Hot Day at the Lake"
"Sunrise, Trinity River East Fork Wetlands"

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