Saturday, August 27, 2011

Down Hill (Caprock Canyon)

Down Hill (Caprock Canyon), originally uploaded by Mark Nesmith.

This is a 24" x 18" pastel painting on paper of one of the scenic overlooks at Caprock Canyon. There are some amazing views there that are easily accessible by car. Right by this spot there's a small information center and parking area, but I got out and hiked a bit farther down to get a more dramatic view looking down the hill into the canyon. I started this painting with a sepia chalk drawing, then did an initial color layer with Nupastels and finished with a bit of Rembrandt soft pastels. I'm really liking the warm red undertones of the sepia drawing. Seems to help capture the dry, West Texas atmosphere. I'm in sore need of new soft pastels. Been quite awhile since I worked on any pastels this large and my soft pastels are whittled away to tiny chunks. Maybe I'll make a new set of Sennelier or Townsend pastels an early Christmas present this year!

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