Monday, July 4, 2011

Choppy Day on the Lake

Choppy Day on the Lake, originally uploaded by Mark Nesmith.

This is one of the larger paintings I've been working on lately. It's 18" x 24" and is oil on canvas. I wanted to give the feeling of those light filled, breezy days on the lake with the sounds of the waves lapping against the shore. I've tried to keep the loose, painterly feel of my smaller pieces, and have been resisting the urge to go back and clean up some of the waves. I actually went and bought a couple of larger round, bristle brushes (a 10 and a 12) to help keep me from tightening up on these larger canvases. This was painted in two main sessions, with a little additional time spent evening out a couple of transitions in the water. Kind of funny, I used to paint really large pictures (3 or 4 feet was SMALL back then), but now I'm painting smaller and smaller. When I do approach a little bigger format, I'm really aiming to have the look and feel of my smaller scale paintings. Go figure!

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