Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Caprock Afternoon

Caprock Afternoon, originally uploaded by Mark Nesmith.

This is a small oil painting of a hot afternoon at Caprock Canyon. I've been doing a few paintings off and on of my trip there last summer (I keep getting distracted with other subjects--Texas just has so many wonderful vistas to paint!) I'm trying to work out capturing the blistering hot sunlight at Caprock in the summer when the incredibly vivid colors of the bluffs start to seem kind of bleached out. If you ever plan trip to Caprock Canyon State Park in the summertime, make sure you pack plenty of water, sunscreen, good walking shoes, and a wide brimmed hat (and the strongest bug spray you can find - the deer flies are notoriously big and love to bite!) Outside of our tent there was very little shade, especially once we started to hike up the mountains. Don't get me wrong, the canyons are beautiful anytime of year, but I think my next trip there will be in the Fall or Spring. Much cooler temperatures, and the cactus will be blooming. This painting is 8" x 10" and is oil on canvas.

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