Monday, June 27, 2011

Along the Beach, Galveston, TX

Along the Beach, originally uploaded by Mark Nesmith.
This is a view along the beach at Galveston State Park. I have spent many wonderful vacations with my family in Galveston, and my wife and I wound up spending part of our short honeymoon there. Painting the beach can be quite a bit of relief from all the greens that tend to dominate the landscape in Texas, especially in Southeast Texas where the abundance of Pine trees offer little change in foliage throughout the year. I'm always interested in depth in the landscape, and I've tried to use subtle shifts from the warmer yellow and orange tints in the foreground to cooler pinks towards the waves to increase the space of the otherwise short expanse of sand. The grasses in the foreground help with that alot, and the overall loose handling of paint is my attempt at relating the light filled, breezy atmosphere of the Gulf Coast. Alot of people bad mouth Texas beaches, but I have always loved the look of the Gulf Coast.


  1. I agree with Marian...your brushwork and choice of color are fantastic.