Monday, November 2, 2015

New 8" x 10" daily oil painting of the 1877 tall ship Elissa at Galveston, TX

"Lady Elissa"
by Mark Nesmith
Oil on Canvas
8" x 10"

 Click here to bid in the Ebay auction for this painting.

This 8" x 10" oil painting on canvas features the figurehead of the 1877 tall ship Elissa from Galveston, Texas. Elissa was built in Aberdeen, Scotland as a merchant vessel in a time when steamships were overtaking sailing ships. She was originally launched on October 27, 1877. According to the descendants of Henry Fowler Watt, Elissa's builder, she was named for the Queen of Carthage, Elissa, Aeneas' tragic lover in the epic poem The Aeneid.

Since painting this last week I've been commissioned to paint a large 28" x 40" version for Tradewinds Tavern at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Beaumont, Texas. Sometimes little things turn into big things with a little luck and perseverance.

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