Monday, November 7, 2011

On my easel this week ...

Mark Nesmith
Oil on Canvas
24" x 30"

Here's what's on my easel this week.  I've been working out some ideas from my recent tour of the John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center near Combine (I posted a small sunrise view from Hwy 175 a few weeks ago.) I've been completely enthralled with the wetlands for awhile now and envision a large series of work based on the area.  My only complaint about the center is that you can only access the boardwalks between 9am and 4pm.  That's way too late for a sunrise and much too early for a sunset. 

To make this sunrise painting over the marsh I borrowed the sky from another location.  I use photos, sketches, and my memory as reference and often combine and edit multiple ideas together.  That's nothing new for landscape painters.  We've been selectively cropping and editing our scenes long before Photoshop became the norm.


  1. An absolutely stunning painting, Mark, as I do love dawns and dusks. You've really captured the dawn. I love using complimentary colors and am always amazed when people can't figure out why it draws them in. I think it's just inherent within us.
    I was just reading your article on Floater Frames at Empty Easel. I have never used them but was looking to frame three of my acrylics that are about 18 x 24" each. If the painting floats within, do you buy that size or go larger? I liked the fact you said they were natural wood.
    I am primarily a collage artist and these frames even sound good for that, but maybe not as I need glass to cover.
    If you could, email me and let me know at I would appreciate it.
    You can check out my website if you'd like at Thanks so much, Kate

  2. Really a good painting Mark. I liked your idea of combining photos and using a different sky. I have done that kind of thing myself to enhance a painting. Have you thought of asking the Wetlands Center folks for early access since you are trying to capture the scene for a series of paintings?